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Greatest Response:  Fairly crazy... and harmful. I realize you almost certainly will not likely decide my answer as best, but I feel It truly is valuable to publish the truth about Scientology whenever I'm able to. This really is how crazy and hazardous Scientology can really get: • Operation Snow White – Less than this Formal plan, Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, & theft of files in authorities workplaces. This application constituted the single premier infiltration of America authorities in history. Amongst the eleven outstanding Scientologists convicted of the conspiracy was Mary Sue Hubbard, the wife of Scientology’s “prophet”. ... ... • Procedure Freakout - Their campaign of sabotage & violence towards Paulette Cooper, the writer who published her study & conclusions on a number of cults, including Scientology. Scientology’s Formal approach: to body Paulette, wreck her career & name & get her either incarcerated or locked up in psychiatric confinement. The Formal approach: ... Her book: • Reasonable Video game - the Scientology policy detailing how the Corporation may confront & take care of critics & perceived enemies. Here is a direct quotation: "Enemies may be deprived of home or wounded by any implies by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May very well be tricked, sued or lied to or ruined.” • Physical & psychological punishment: Scientologists who "break the rules" while customers of the "Sea Org" need to issue on their own into the Rehabilitation Undertaking Pressure (RPF), which incorporates regimes of severe physical punishment, forced self-confessions, social isolation, really hard labor and intense ideological indoctrination.

The souls got captured and got sent to a theatre to look at these "3-D motion pictures" showing "phony religions" like Buddhism and Christianity(Intellect of L. Ron Hubbard) and other flicks to put adverse feelings in these souls

Religious Technological innovation Center director Warren McShane testified in a very 1995 court docket situation which the Church of Scientology receives a big volume of its earnings from mounted donations compensated by Scientologists to study the OT components.[fifty six] McShane mentioned that Hubbard's operate "might appear to be weird" to those that have not but done the prior levels of coursework in Scientology.

Don’t get thinking about real estate. Don’t get thinking about the masses of buildings, since that’s not significant.

“Whilst it is actually confirmed undeniable fact that that system’s software was unable , made use of on your own, to ensure the achievement in trade or in occupation, that it had been the truth is a mere hope of chimerical events, fallacious claims, Individuals owning completed this kind of claims being extremely informed that they couldn't be accomplished…”

My money is over the latter. He Simply cannot afford to pay for never to have orgs to indicate at his events. He is staking his whole name on this scientology beliefs about homosexuality and it has confident the Scientology community that the opening of empty Great Orgs proves that he is top Scientology to your promised land.

Scientology addresses the spirit—not the human body or mind—and believes that Male is far more than an item of his atmosphere, or his genes.

I also try to remember when the regular five% value increases started off. I used to be just coming into my very own being a Performing adult, and was eventually in a position to purchase my Bridge. The worth improves adjusted all that for me. From my vantage position, it had been like working to capture a educate as it absolutely was pulling from the station.

"Xenu" takes people from these planets and puts them in "House planes" to fly right down to earth and drop them in volcanoes. Where their bodies exploded, with their souls leaving the human body, floating close to

This also helps make me surprise if the inherent felony nature of the IAS essentially appeals to other legal things such as this? Not too long ago we have viewed a different ponzi scheme roll from the industry.

These days, Tom Cruise is noted to be one of many major level customers from the Church of Scientology, but he was 1st launched towards the religion by his very first wife, Mimi Rogers, in 1990. The actor is becoming by far the most recognizable deal with from the Business and it has stated that he overcame dyslexia while its training. Cruise remained relatively peaceful about his religious beliefs until finally he began overtly criticizing psychiatry in 2004 and lashed out at Brooke Shields for using the drug Paxil to offer with her postpartum depression in 2004.

The Xenu Tale was yet again satirized in a November 2005 episode from the Comedy Central animated tv series South Park titled "Trapped in the Closet". The Emmy-nominated episode, which also lampooned Scientologists Tom Cruise and John Travolta as closeted homosexuals, depicted Xenu as being a vaguely humanoid alien with tentacles for arms, in a very sequence that experienced the words and phrases "This Is What Scientologists Actually Believe" superimposed on screen.[88] The episode turned the subject of controversy when musician Isaac Hayes, the voice in the character "Chef" plus a Scientologist, Stop the present in March 2006, just before the episode's first scheduled re-screening, citing South Park's "inappropriate ridicule" of his religion.[89] Hayes' assertion didn't point out the episode in particular, but expressed his see which the exhibit's routine of parodying religion was Portion of a "rising insensitivity towards particular spiritual beliefs" while in the media that was also reflected in the Muhammad cartoons controversy: "You will find there's place During this world for satire, but there is a time when satire finishes and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of Some others commences."[90][91] Responding to Hayes' assertion, South Park co-creator Matt Stone claimed his resignation experienced "absolutely nothing to try and do with intolerance and bigotry and every little thing to do with The reality that Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist and that we lately highlighted Scientology within an episode of South Park .

Will there be described as a Distinctive area in Heaven for repentant child rapists? Or, will they be mingling with the general population once again?

[five] The looks of these spacecraft would later on be subconsciously expressed in the design of your Douglas DC-8, the sole variance being that "the DC8 experienced followers, propellers on it plus the House plane didn't".[21] dumb scientology beliefs When they had attained Teegeeack, the paralyzed citizens have been unloaded round the bases of volcanoes through the planet.[five][eight] Hydrogen bombs ended up then decreased in the volcanoes and detonated at the same scientology beliefs and money time,[eight] killing all but some aliens. Hubbard explained the scene in his film script, Revolt in the Stars:

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